Youth Mentoring

Our members and our parent organization believe that our communities have a number of individuals that can positively affect the lives of our youth.  The task is to connect the individuals with the needs.  We will be working with people to identify the need and serve as a connector in the race for a positive future for our youth. 

Tutoring Assistance


We have a tutoring effort that has been tested in a small portion of our community. It uses a volunteer force that is connected to our local churches. We use a link to our school district to forge a connection to identify and work on the need of the individual students and develop a plan for the improvement of the student.


Scholarship Assistance

We will be able to supply scholarship assistance for students who exhibit the capability and desire to move forward into a higher learning institution. We recognize the vocational aptitudes as well as academic prowess of the student.  Our community needs all of its future citizens prepared for the jobs of the future. There will be an application for each. 


It is no secret that far too many youths and their families struggle to get by.
This is especially true in the single parent household where the parent works multiple jobs and all of the challenges of

school, homework and chores for our youth need to be managed in a way that affords the

family a viable way to prepare their children for a place in today's society.


Lift As We Climb Coalition, seeks to help alleviate problems surrounding
youth underachievement by offering families some solutions to fill the gaps that pose challenges due to their work and living environments. We help manage the connection to volunteers with the experience of helping others.

It is imperative that we Lift others as We Climb to higher heights. We promise to work to get community involvement in addressing the problems in our communities related to youth developments.