Chapter 35th Anniversary 2015

Achievement Week Public Program

Annual Easter Egg Hunt w/ St. Charles Masonic Lodge

Representing our chapter in National Leadership Event - Jacksonville, FL

Lift As We Climb Coalition is committed to helping the community by working with our nost important asset, our youth. We are primarily composed of individuals from diverse backgrounds with a common mission to help develop our youth to be able to take on their ultimate roles to take the lead in moving our communities forward.  Lift As We Climb Coalition will work to find the best way to accomplish our Mission using the various resources available in this age of extreme innovation potential via the rise in digital/internet solutions.


Donation to Salvation Army Bellringer Event

Founded in [2017], Lift As We Climb Coalition is an entity committed to lifting up our youth. Since inception, we have built a fantastic network within the Jackson County community by collaboration with our parent group, Sigma Alpha Alpha Chapter of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. located in Moss Point, MS.  We now constitute the nonprofit wing for our endeavors to execute our mission of Lifting others as We Climb to higher heights.  Below are some examples of the Works of Our organization throughout our years of service to the Jackson County Community.